Contract signed with Llentab Group

Premium Svensk Lax AB and LLENTAB Group continue the good collaboration and have now signed an agreement on detailed design of a steel building for the Inland based ZWC RAS facility and processing plant in Säffle, Värmland. The building is 58,800 square meters and will be the largest and only land-based salmon farm in Sweden with a permit. LLENTAB Group has built several land-based fish farms in Norway and has worked closely with Premium Svensk Lax AB on the project in Säffle from an early stage. All parties are very satisfied with the cooperation and look forward to starting this project in Värmland. In August 2020, Premium Svensk Lax AB received official approval for the facility in Värmland and NRC Group Sweden has started the groundwork. The ZWC RAS technology is provided by AKVA Group. LLENTAB Group will design and build the steel building. To secure competence in this project, both LLENTAB Norway and LLENTAB Sweden will collaborate. The material will be produced by LLENTAB Sweden in the factory in Kungshamn and expected start-up is in November 2021.