Cibonum Group AB; Spearheading Sustainable Salmon Farming in Sweden provided by RE:OCEAN

Cibonum Group AB, formed by a consortium of notable investors, aims to promote the sustainable and local salmon farming industry in Sweden through active ownership of RE:OCEAN. With a state-of-the-art production facility in Säffle, RE:OCEAN aims to supply the Swedish retail and restaurant sectors with locally produced salmon of the highest quality and taste that is also healthy and climate-positive.

Cibonum Group AB is a clear, active, and long-term majority owner in RE:OCEAN, supporting the company from start to finish and long-term expansion to pave the way for sustainable and healthy food. The goal is to increase Sweden’s self-sufficiency in salmon, which is currently almost entirely imported.

“We will be the financial anchor for RE:OCEAN, and along with our industry expertise, we provide a solid foundation for RE:OCEAN’s expansion and its mission to innovate salmon farming in Sweden. RE:OCEAN is revolutionizing the fish industry with land-based salmon farming in Säffle that can meet 20% of the Swedish consumers’ demand for salmon. As owners, we have a strong collective commitment to local and sustainable production of healthy food,”
says Anders Svensson, Chairman of Cibonum Group AB.

Some of Cibonum Group AB’s largest investors are Mathias Kamprad, Per Josefsson, Pelle Törnberg, and Per Lindberg.

“RE:OCEAN is a fantastic example of positive change when it comes to the environment and innovation. Local, land-based, sustainable fish farming enables more valuable protein sources at a lower cost for many people while ensuring environmentally friendly production and reduced emissions, including the emissions from transportation. When the facility in Sweden is in full-scale production, the solution can be applied to other parts of the world so that more people get better and affordable eco-friendly food.”
– Mathias Kamprad

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RE:OCEAN is revolutionizing the fish industry with future land-based salmon farming, with a large facility in Säffle. With a new ocean on land, we can locally produce 10,000 tons of sustainable and healthy salmon each year.
• 10,000 tons of salmon per year at full production
•  99.99% of all water is recycled in a closed environment
•  100% fossil-free energy to run the facility
•  Construction work has started
•  Production from 2027

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